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2023-06-21:Selected for BRAIN "Comprehensive Support Program for Startups in FY2023 (SBIR Support)"!

The research project proposed by Dr. Kazuya Kiyokawa has been chosen for the "Comprehensive Support Program for Start-up Research (SBIR)" of the Biotechnology Research Advancement and Innovation Network (BRAIN) in Japan. This achievement comes under R&D theme 3, which focuses on expanding the potential of the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and food industries while promoting their growth. Dr. Kazuya Kiyokawa proposed an innovative research theme that has now been officially adopted.

<Title: Direct introduction of domestic genome editing tools into plants


 Conventionally, introducing genome-editing tools into plants involved genetic modification through methods such as agrobacteria, and subsequent backcrossing is necessary to remove the genome-editing tool genes that have been incorporated into the plant genome. In this study, we aim to establish a non-recombination process for genome editing in plants by introducing our proprietary genome editing tool as a protein.

<Comments from Dr. Kiyokawa

Our goal is to develop a highly efficient protein introduction method and establish digital breeding through genome editing, allowing for rapid and industrial application.

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