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2022-02-15:JST Supported Program COI-NEXT Upgraded to Full-Fledged Program!

The "Bio-Digital Transformation (Bio-DX) Industry-Academia Co-Creation Center" represented by Hiroshima University has been promoted to a full-fledged type* under the "Support Program for Formation of Co-Creation Opportunities (COI-NEXT)" of the National Institute of Science and Technology Agency (JST). (*JST support: maximum amount).

(* JST support: maximum 320 million yen/year x maximum 10 years)

Through the promotion of "Bio-DX," the concept of this center, we will work to realize a "bioeconomy" society that enables sustainable development while leaving no one behind.

The project will focus on research and development through "programming (genome editing and synthesis)" and "digitization (decoding and analysis of genetic information)" of living organisms to maximize the functions of living organisms and to develop new technologies to address issues facing humanity, such as food, health, and energy. We will maximize the functions of living organisms through research and development based on "programming (genome editing and synthesis)" and "digitization (decoding and analysis of genetic information).

Our CTO, Takashi YAMAMOTO (Professor and Director of the Center for Genome editing Innovation, Hiroshima University) will serve as Project Leader (PL) and CEO, Keisuke OKUHARA will serve as Deputy PL to manage the project. We will update the vision for the future society based on the SDGs (vision of the center) and promote backcasting R&D to realize the vision of the center.

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