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​Our Platform

We collaborate with business partners in various industries to create high value-added products that can solve social issues, and aim to realize a bioeconomy society as a growth engine of the bioindustry.

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Formulate business and R&D strategies by identifying promising market areas

■ Consulting on business strategy/ R&D
■ An extensive network for R&D PJT formation


Determine genome information of target organisms and identify genes involved in target functions

■ BioDX PF* based on extensive experience in analysis
-de novo genome analysis, RNA-seq analysis of non-model organisms, metagenome analysis, cancer genome analysis, data management PF, etc.

*: Abbreviation for platform

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Design and creation of genome editing tools to modify target genes

■ Original genome editing tools optimized for industrial use
    Platinum TALEN、FirmCut nuclease ND1, etc.

​■ Design of proprietary genome editing tools PF


Mutational analysis to confirm the desired mutation

​■ Genome analysis PF based on our experience in genome editing​

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