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2023-06-22: Internship students from the University of Tokyo visit the head office!

Mr. Shuto Iwasaki, a second-year master's student in the Graduate School of Science at the University of Tokyo, who joined our company in May of this year as an internship student in the Business Development Department, visited our head office.

We were very much inspired by Mr. Iwasaki's ambitious attitude as he learned new things and deepened his knowledge through a tour of the laboratory, a visit to a lab at Hiroshima University, and interaction with our members.

<Mr. Iwasaki's comments

Platinum Bio's strength lies in its ability to perform everything from genome decoding of unexplored biological resources to functional genome editing. During my visit this time, I was able to see the reality of Platinum Bio's bio-DX business, including the laboratory and its unique data analysis platform, and I was excited to realize once again the wide range of social issues that Platinum Bio can solve."

Ms. Iwasaki is working under Mr. Ishii, COO, to research the industry, both in Japan and abroad, and to prepare business plans and grant applications so that she can plan new businesses that make sense in the genome editing industry.

We look forward to her further success in the future!


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