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2024-03-22: "The Meet Meeting" (The Meet Hiroshima Open Accelerator Gov-Tech-Challenge results presentation) was held

In December 2023, our proposal was adopted for the project "The Meet Hiroshima Open Accelerator Gov-Tech-Challenge" hosted by Hiroshima Prefecture, and we participated in the results presentation meeting. (

In this project, in response to the "Efforts to develop technologies to reduce electricity consumption at the sludge recycling and processing center," which is an issue faced by Higashihiroshima City, we made a proposal to contribute to the reduction of electricity consumption by visualizing the relationship between the delivered materials and the microbial population using our Bio-DX technology, and by constructing a system that will contribute to improving the efficiency of human waste treatment facilities in the future.

For more details about the content of the initiative, please refer to the following:


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