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2022-12-27:Selected for the COI-NEXT "Support for Promotion of Startup Creation/ Growth" program!

The "Bio-Digital Transformation (Bio-DX) Industry-Academia Co-Creation base" led by Hiroshima University, has been selected for the "Support for Promoting Startup Creation/Growth" program for advancing COI-NEXT (Co-Creation Opportunity Formation Support Program) bases sponsored by the National Institute of Science and Technology Agency (JST).

JST will provide additional support for the development of a system to create and grow university-launched startups based on the technological seeds of the Bio-DX Industry-Academia Co-Creation base.

(*Additional support from JST: 100 million yen (direct expense)/year per a center for the maximum 3 years)

PtBio, as a participating organization, is committed to building an innovative ecosystem that enables sustainable social implementation of research results.

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