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2022-12-26:Selected for Cabinet Office/Regional Bio-Community!

The "Hiroshima Bio-DX Community" proposed by the Bio-DX Promotion Organization (Representative Director: Takashi Yamamoto) has been selected as a regional bio community sponsored by the Cabinet office!

PtBio participates in this community, and CEO Keisuke Okuhara is responsible for the general coordinator.

Based on the "Bioeconomy Strategy," the Cabinet Office is promoting the "formation of bio community" as a policy to expand the bio-related market by attracting human resources and investment from Japan and abroad, and advancing into the global market by strengthening provision systems of products and services in each market area.

Together with Hiroshima Prefecture, Higashi-Hiroshima City, and Hiroshima University, we would like to form an industry-academia co-creation base with "Bio-DX" technology, which integrates genome editing and bioinformatics, and accelerate the creation of innovations to solve social issues and contribute to the SDGs.

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