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2022-12-02:Highly accurate genome sequence information of red perilla was determined

A group of researchers consisting of Dr. Keita TAMURA, a researcher at the Graduate School of Integrated Biosciences, Hiroshima University; Hidemasa BONO, specially-appointed professor, Hiroshima University (Science and Technology Advisor at PtBio Inc.); Dr. Mika SAKAMOMTO, a research fellow at the National Institute of Genetics; Assistant Professor Yasuhiro TANIZAWA; Professor Takako MOCHIZUKI, a research fellow; Professor Yasukazu NAKAMURA; Senior Researcher Shuji MATSUSHITA, Agricultural Technology Center, Hiroshima Prefectural Institute of Technology; Mishima Foods; and PtBio Inc., used the latest DNA sequencing technology to determine highly accurate genome sequence information on red perilla cultivated in Japan.

The determined genome sequence information on "red perilla," a familiar food that graces our tables, covers approximately 99% of the entire genome (about 1.26 billion base pairs) with a huge chromosome-level sequence. We also used the newly developed workflow named “Fanflow4Plants" to predict the function of 72,983 genes (assignment of functional annotation), which corresponds to about 95% of the 76,825 protein-coding genes.

The results of this research provide an important foundation for industrial applications, such as "data-driven genome breeding (digital breeding)," the development of new varieties using genome information, and improved cultivation methods.

The research results were published in DNA Research on November 16, 2022.

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