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2022-11-18:Selected for the Hiroshima Unicorn 10 Startup Acceleration project!

PtBio has been selected for the HIROSHIMA UNICORN 10 STARTUP ACCELERATION, a program by Hiroshima Prefecture to support the business growth of startup companies.

Hiroshima Prefecture has launched the "HIROSHIMA UNICORN 10" project with the goal of "creating 10 companies with high corporate value and rapid growth comparable to unicorn companies from Hiroshima in 10 years”.

This project aims to trigger next challenges by stimulating local industries with the presence of promising startups with significant growth toward the global market, and generate a flexible industrial structure, an environment to try new things easily and a place/culture to challenge actively.

Through this program, PtBio will aim to achieve the world's most advanced bioeconomy society from Hiroshima!

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