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2022-09-26:"Cancer Genome Data Analysis" Published

Cancer Genome Data Analysis" (MEDSi), edited by Science and Technology Advisor Hidemasa BONO (Project Professor, Graduate School of Integrated Biosciences, Hiroshima University) and others, has been published.

This is a practical guide to acquire the knowledge and skills to analyze cancer genome data, which is indispensable in cancer genome medicine. In the "textbook part" (written by the teacher roles), you will learn how to install the software, acquire analysis data, analyze the data, and visualize the results. In the "Reproduction and Verification Report" (written by the student roles), you will learn the experiences when the student roles actually tried the analysis. (CEO OKUHARA also wrote some parts as a student.)

The data analysis covered in this book will be added to our service menu.

If you are interested, please read on.

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