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2022-07-28:Discovery of New Candidate Genes Leads to Mechanistic

Science and Technology Advisor Hidemasa BONO (Graduate School of Integrated Biosciences, Hiroshima University, Specially Appointed Professor) and his colleagues have discovered new candidate genes involved in hypoxic stress responses in plants by using a meta-analysis method that integrates and reanalyzes experimental gene expression data in a public database (public DB).

In recent years, climate change has led to frequent large-scale floods, and it is known that plants exposed to flooding for long periods of time are exposed to hypoxic stress, which is one of the causes of reduced crop yields.

Although many genes involved in hypoxic stress have already been reported, we discovered new cofactor genes by conducting "data-driven" research that is not based on existing knowledge.

The meta-analysis approach is a powerful approach to elucidate unknown mechanisms of biological functions, and is expected to have an impact on the bio-industry.

For details, please refer to the press releases of each organization.

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