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2022-07-08:Development of Insect Gene Function Annotation Workflow for Genome editing

Science and Technology Advisor Hidemasa BONO (Project Professor, Graduate School of Integrated Biosciences, Hiroshima University), in collaboration with Team Leader Takeya KASUKAWA of the RIKEN Center for Biomedical Research, Project Assistant Professor Takuma SAKAMOTO and Professor Hiroko TABUNOKI of the Institute of Global Innovation, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, have developed a workflow for annotation of insect gene function "Fanflow4Insects".

The workflow "Fanflow4Insects" enables more informative functional annotation by using gene expression information in addition to the conventional functional annotation from protein sequences.

The functional annotation information obtained by "Fanflow4Insects" is expected to greatly expand the possibilities of research and industrial applications using insects with genome editing.

For details, please refer to the press release of each organization.

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